About Us

Cane Run Farm is located in the heart of The Bluegrass, also known as Ďhorse country,í in Georgetown, Kentucky. Named for the creek which runs through the property, the farm is primarily a Standardbred nursery encompassing 215 acres of prime bluegrass land.

Established in 1982, Cane Run was built from the ground up, on land which previously housed cattle and tobacco. The farm was started with a few fillies fresh off of the racetrack, ready to make the transition to motherhood, and so the broodmare herd was founded.

That first group of race fillies included among others: Guiding Beam p. 3, 1:53.4 $205,854, Heatherís Feather p. 2, 1:56.1 $90,981, and the foundation mare Nan Hanover (who produced Nanís Catch 3, 1:54.4 $766,074 and she in turn produced Moni Maker 1:52.1 $5,589,265). Over the years the farm found itís niche in the industry through breeding, raising, and prepping a select group of sales yearlings. The accomplishments of these horses both in the sales ring and at the racetrack solidified the farmís reputation. The farm name has become synonymous with quality and excellence and our goal is to maintain these standards to perpetuate the legacy of Cane Run Farm.