Past Winners

Honor Roll:

Moni Maker 1:52.1  $5,589,256   bay mare 1993-2014 (Speedy Crown – Nan’s Catch)

At the time of her retirement in 2000, Moni Maker was the 3rd richest racehorse of any breed behind Cigar and Skip Away, and the richest female racehorse.  Victorious in 67 wins from 105 starts, Moni Maker raced from 2 thru 7 and won the following stakes races:  multiple NYSS, 2 year old Filly Stake, Currier and Ives, Reynolds, Simcoe, American National, Zweig, Matron, Hambletonian Oaks, Nat Ray, multiple Classic Series, and Breeder’s Crown.  As well as Internationally in Elitlopp, Trot Mondial, Copenhagen Cup, Premio Costa Azzurra, and Prix D’Amerique races among others.  She finished her campaign with a world record under saddle time trial with Julie Krone at The Red Mile in 1:54.1.

Magician 1:52.2  $3,614,801   bay gelding 1995-2008 (Royal Prestige – Incredible Charm)

From 111 starts, Magician was 49-14-14 from the age of 2 thru 8.  Always competitive, Magician won or placed in many stakes from the Classic Series to the Breeder’s Crown.  Magician often raced against Moni Maker usually during his racing career.  In 2000 he had his day, Magician won the Breeder’s Crown with Moni Maker coming in second, giving our family a special thrill as the breeder’s of these 2 incredible racehorses racing 1-2 in such a race.  In November 2004, Incredible Charm, Magician's dam, was re-purchased (after being culled in 1997) at the Mixed Sale in Harrisburg to come home forever.

Nan’s Catch 3, 1:54.4  $766,074  1985-2003 (Bonefish – Nan Hanover)

This is the mare that kept Cane Run on the map all of these years.  Not only does she have the notoriety of being the dam of Moni Maker, but she herself was a talented and courageous racehorse.  Although she went through the auction ring in 1986, buyers shied away from her because of her size thinking she was ‘too big,’ fortunately we brought her home, and the rest is history.  Nan’s Catch gave us racing thrills that many racehorse owners only dream of and we often think we may never find another like her.  In 29 starts she was 19-7-1 winning the Arden, Merrie Anniebelle, Breeder’s Crown at 2, Hambletonian Oaks, the Filly World Trotting Derby, and The Filly Futurity among others.  She was a gentle giant and we will be forever indebted to the Continental Farms team that campaigned her during her racing years.

Danae 3, 1:54.2  $529,099   black mare 2004 (Andover Hall – Deanella Hanover)

Danae was a gritty racehorse.  Trained by George Teague, she pounded out victories in the International Stallion, a division of the Oakville, American National, and gave us the pleasure of breeding our 3rd Hambletonian Oaks winner.  Sold as a yearling for a mere $15,000, at the completion of her racing career she went back through the auction ring where we re-acquired her in partnership with Bluestone Farms.  Danae's foals are the stakes horses:  D'orsay, Deja Vu Too, Propulsion, Dream Together, and Deschanel.

Other notable racehorses:
David’s Pass - p3, 1:50.4 $1,652,500 - stallion

Propulsion - 3, 1:52.3M, 6, 1:49.3-'17 $1,397,000+* - International - stallion

Habitat - 2, 1:53.4, 3, 1:53f $1,294,870 - stallion

Music Director - p,1:51.1 $925,996

Jac’s Choice - p,1:51.4 $646,348

Bright Baby Blues - 2, 1:55F, 3, 1:54.2S $492,203

Water Tower - p3, 1:50.4 $465,617 - stallion

Santa Royal - 3, 1:57.4M $454,809

D'orsay - 2, 200.1M, 3, 1:54.4M, 4, 1:51.4M $450,683 - World Champion

Suspicious Image - 2, 1:59.3  $447,436

Dream Together - 3, 1:53.3s  $319,484* 

Sliding Home - 3, 1:55M $280,000+ - International*

Navy Seal - 2, Q2:04.2, 1:54.4-EUR $271,480-International - stallion 

Smooth Glide - 1:55.1  $215, 481 

Copy Catch - 3, 1:56 $194,757

Auntie W - 3,1:57.2  $177,254
Rudy Rock's - 3, 1:55.0S $175,149

Auntie’s Dream - 3, 1:57.2 $159,909

Awesome Goal - 1:57.3 $105,095 - stallion

Somekindacatch - 3, 1:58.1-EUR $104,599-International
Cigar Dan - 3, 1:56.4 $101,006

Bella Verde - 2, 1:55.1 $75,200
Deja Vu Too - 2, 1:55.1M $73,868
Amazon Clipper - 2, 1:58 $66,391

Miss Yellowjacket - 3, 1:57.1M $60,730

Brand New Key - 3, 1:55.4f - '17  $55,397* 

Possess Me  3, 1:55.2 $54,614
Big Tuna - 3, 1:57.0 $50,617

Clever Catch - 3, 1:56f $30,850 - Stakes Placed

Hat Trick Habit - 2, 1:55.1 $26,100 - Stakes Winner*

Deschanel - 2, 1:57 $25, 750 - Stakes Winner*

Trophy Catch - 2, 1:58.3, 3,Q1:54 $18,400 - stallion
Access To Success - 2, Q 2:01.1M  $9,402 (exported to AUS)-SP 

Malarika - Stakes Winner

Marisela - Stakes Placed

Neytiri - Stakes Placed
Regalia - Stakes Placed

Revolve - Stakes Placed

Loblolly - Stakes Placed
Stakes winning Thoroughbreds:
Cash Deposit - Sovereign Award Winner, stallion

Golden Mischief* 

Object Of Virtue
One More

Pleasant Prince

Purple Pleasure

Urban Guy
Dynamic Dash

Notable horses raised at Cane Run Farm or layed up for clients:
Corleone Kosmos 5, 1:51.2M $2,141,310 - resident retiree
Always B Miki - p5, 1:46M $2,715,368 - Fastest Standardbred ever, 2016 Horse of the Year - stallion
E L Titan - 2, 1:53.4M, 4, 1:51.2F $726,344 - stallion
Original Notable Foundations Mares:
Guiding Beam (1977-2003) - p, 3, 1:53.4M $205,854
Heather's Feather (1978-2003) - p, 2, 1:56.1 $90,981
Nan Hanover (1977-1999) - unraced
Charming Gesture (1980-) - unraced, exported, dam of Incredible Charm


Holland's Opus
Like The Twins
Nimble Nan
Winky's Trophy
Yankee's Catch

Catch A Train

Mai Tai

With the exception of the 4 foundation mares and the lay-ups, the rest of these horses were bred by, raised at, and consigned by Cane Run Farm.  In recent years, Cane Run has focused on primarily raising trotters and obviously highlighting this list is the trio of Hambletonian Oaks champions: Moni Maker, Nan’s Catch, and Danae.  Even though Nan’s Catch’s victory in the Oaks was in 1988, the talent continues to flow through to future generations, and these bloodlines are still current in the pedigrees of our sales yearlings, and we have retained a granddaughter, Catch My Glance*, who is in training with Nancy Johannson and is 2 in 2015.  Undeniably, the incomparable Moni Maker (Speedy Crown – Nan’s Catch, by Bonefish) ensured that our future yearling crops would not be overlooked.

Cane Run Farm and it’s principals also enjoyed the thrills of campaigning the wonderful pacing filly, Legacy of Love p3, 1:56.2 $206,384 in a past partnership with Sam Bowie in the 1980's. And more recently, the excitement of raising 2009's Two Year Old Trotting Filly Breeder’s Crown runner-up, Ultimate Cameron 2, 1:58.2, 3, 1:53.3S $794,217 (Yankee Glide – Cameron Hall, by Garland Lobell).  Bred by Erkki Laakkonen and owned by Diamond Creek Farm, she was a class act,  making headlines with victories in the Elegantimage, the Casual Breeze, runner-up in the Hambletonian Oaks to Bar Slide, and winning her Breeder's Crown Elimination at 3.  Erkki Laakkonen currently owns E L Titan a beautiful son of Muscle Hill-Courtney Hall, trained by Riina Rekila, who drove him to an exciting stakes win at The Red Mile's Grand Circuit in 2013 and was a game runner-up in the 2014 Breeder's Crown Final.  Also, the farm has teamed up with Bluestone Farms in the past few years in the partnership of the following race fillies and looks forward to their future success in the breeding shed:   

Mares raced:
All Star Hanover  3, 1:55.3 $333,328
Baby I'm Bad News  2, 1:57,2, $33,430
Bar Slide 2, 1:55.1, 3, 1:52.4 $649,392
Oasis Dream  2,1:57.1F, 3, 1:53.4, $221, 961
Possess Me - see above

See Rock City

Bright Baby Blues (2012 foal of Andover Hall - Bar Slide) - see above

Deschanel - Yankee Glide - Danae 2015 filly* - 2, 1:57 $25,750

Gotanorangecrush - Tale of the Cat - See Rock City 2015 colt* - currently in training


Encore - sold 2014
Fortunes of Fables

One For London

Powell Blue Chip

Soulmate Hanover

Southwind Moni

Spice Girl
Timelesswinner Two - sold 2014

*  - racing/in training